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• Mario Guerra is an Italian photographer, after having lived in Rome and New York, he's today based in Paris. He works primarily out of France and Italy
He has begun his activity as a reporter and professional photographer. Since more than twentyfive years he's working for photography agencies, advertising and communication agencies, Europeans enterprises and factories, focusing on industrial, portrait and studio photography.
He has took part at many reportages, campaigns and publications, among books and magazines, in Italy, France, Germany, Switzerland, UK, Spain, US.

• The artistic activity of contemporary photography is today predominant. His photographs upon material are images that abstract themselves in small details of few millimeters, enlarged at the excess, where photography abdicate its representation role to become something else. Looking for the existing beauty in the minute reality that surrounds us.
"An intimate, minimalistic look which explores the nature of the material in its purest and most essential aesthetics. Details almost invisible to the naked eye, like inner landscapes coming to life with shades, imperfections, imperceptible tracings and secrets: like those of the human mind." (Ludovico Pratesi – La Repubblica)
• He's professor for Photography at the University La Sapienza of Rome (Department of Design, Visual and Multimedial Communication at the faculty of Architecture) and at the European Institute of Design of Rome. He has taught in the past, at the Superior Institute of Photography and Integrated Communication of Rome and at the Marne la Vallée University in France. He leaded (and leads) several workshops and seminars during cultural events, artistic festivals, for foundations, associations, and institutions.

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